Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I have recently been working with the Egyptian god Djehuty. I found that the Egyptians views of eternal life and resurrection very interesting so I decided to work within their pantheon. I found very quickly that the Egyptian gods or at least Dejhuty enjoy their titles. He seems to be much more at ease when I address him as the representative of Ra and keeper of knowledge. I also found that he loves dark chocolate and that he also enjoys his tea. I am a huge fan of earl grey tea so I made some to offer to him when attempting to contact him one night and he said that he had never tasted that particular tea before and that it was rather enjoyable. Needless to say we hit it off right away. After enjoying our tea and chocolate we started to converse. He told me a great many things about what my future with him would hold and I must say, I look forward to them all! He also expressed to me that he was going to "unlock my mind" and ever since then my odd dreams of aliens with guns and hiking the world with a flat screen TV on my back have stopped. These dreams are now filled with images that at this point in time have no meaning to me but I have faith that they will all accumulate to something great sooner or later.
I have had several conversations with him whilst falling into a slumber at bed time. They are all very interesting and keep me thinking day after day about them. I recently had a wonderful meditation with my new coven and during that meditation Dejhuty was with me the whole time in Ibis form. After the meditation was over and I began to open my eyes, for a very brief moment (about 1.5 seconds) I witnessed green and blue Egyptian writing on the walls around me. This was a very odd experience and to this day I am not sure if I was completely out of my trance or that I imagined it but for me it was quite real! Sadly I have not been able to recall any of the writing in order to piece any of it together but I have faith that someday this will all become something I understand. For now however I will continue to learn all I can about Dejhuty and the Egyptian pantheon.
Please feel free to write to me about your experiences with this god and any questions you might have about my experiences. I will try my best to answer them. Thank you for reading and Blessed Be!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

My First Spell

When I started out in Wicca during my divorce I found a spell that interested me and I thought "let's give it a try" and it worked! I was depressed every single day and was working a dead end crappy job at a gas station. The environment of the job was not helping matters as it was in a bad neighborhood and I constantly dealt with idiots who had nothing better to do then make someone else life miserable. To top it all off I even started smoking pot with one of the guys I worked with. Taking a step back one day I looked at my life and said "I have to do something" and this spell I am about to share with you is what I did!
I gathered a pen and piece of paper as well as a white candle and some incense (you could use whatever helps you get in the mood but I used sandal wood). I blessed all the items by placing them on the table and putting my hand over top of them and uttering "I bless this item I am about to use". I then drew my circle with my staff and asked the god and goddess to be with me this night. I then sat comfortably near the table on the floor. I took the pen and paper and started to write out all the things in my life that were dragging me down and ruining me. Some examples were: I drink to much, I have a horrible job, my divorce is depressing me, I feel like a failure and so on. After I filled the paper with all the negative things in my life I folded it up neatly and wrote my name (full name) on the back. I then proceeded to place the paper under the candle burner and lite the white candle and said "Please seal all the negative in my life into this paper with the wax of this candle" and let the candle burn down into nothing but wax globs. The following day I placed the wax and the paper in a zip lock bag and put it away in a box for later I would complete the spell.
Later on that year I had the opportunity to stay in a yurt out in Colorado for a long weekend. I took this opportunity for several reasons. One of which was to complete the spell that I had started a few months back. I hiked up a 26k mountain while I was out there to the summit that had a lake at the top by the name of Emerald lake. Once I had made my way to Emerald lake I stopped and dropped my pack and sat there for about 20 minutes soaking in the scenery. I then took my spade from my pack and proceeded to dig a hole about 2 feet in diameter and about 1 foot deep. I placed the bag holding the paper and wax into the hole and covered it up with the parting words "may all the negative in my life be buried with this paper, so shale it be" and then after burying the bag I packed up and headed back to my yurt.
I stopped drinking a few days later due to the fact that I got very sick and could not stand the taste of the Jameson whiskey I was ingesting on a regular basis. I never went back to the bottle after that and never felt a need or want to. To this very day I hardly ever drink and when I do I rarely enjoy it. On top of that no more then a few weeks later and I got a call back for a job that would come to be one of the best jobs I have ever had. I started eating healthier and after I was in the job for about 4 months I started going to the gym and working out. I felt great and I was in the best shape of my life, I was under my high school weight and was starting to get looks. I was for all intensive purposes on top of the world and loved every moment of it.
In my eyes that spell not only worked but it was a little bit of magik that was missing in my life and needed to be brought back badly. I find myself missing that magik now and am looking for it again. This time I hope to follow the path for as long as I remain on this planet and if I am lucky that will be a very long time.

Your pal,


Hi my name is Joe and I wanted to start a blog to talk about my experiences with my Wicca. I am brand new to most of the practice however I have done a little work here and there and have read many articles both widely published and personal anecdotes through out the internet over the years. I first sought the practice when I was 22. I started by purchasing a few books and read through them to educate myself on what I was getting into. I have always felt spiritual and I have on many occasions witnessed things that were "Magical". After my divorce I fell into a slump like many other people do. I took up drinking to pass the time and to get through my life with a lesser sense of pain. I turned once again to Wicca, this time with the belief that I was going to go full board and make it my religion. I actually practiced a spell that day and much to my surprise and delight I found that it worked! My life started to change and I felt better every day. As the days went on and I started to get my act together I started to realize that this was real and not just another interesting concept. I stopped drinking and started exercising and ended up in a really great job that I enjoyed for the most part. I then started to concentrate on my life and put the idea of religion on a back burner once again. I am just now starting to live my life the way I want it to be lived and not the way others want it to be lived.
My father passed about 2 years ago from esophageal cancer and a year later my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Two tragic events to happen to the family and in such a short time to make it even more compact. I moved in with my mother to help take care of her for about 6 months. During this time I took the opportunity to come out of the closet and find the love of my life which I now live with and spend many precious and wonderful days with. The perfect guy to be sure! We share the same interests in video games, card games, movies and TV shows, eating good food and a general knack for nerdism. As fate would have it we also have the same beliefs in the power of Wicca. I feel more a new comer to the religion however I have non the less believed in it for many many years.
This blog will be my journey into Wicca and I would love to share it with my friends and those of you interested in reading it. I will be posting spells I find interesting and that I attempt to use and there outcomes. I will share my visions with any deity I come in contact with and if they are willing give a detailed story about that experience. I would welcome any questions (if they are appropriate in nature) and would love to hear any experiences that anyone out there reading this has had as well. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you via this blog and will see you soon!